About Drive Like a Woman

“Drive like a woman…It’s taking the term and turning it on its head. It’s both humorous and serious at the same time. It’s taking a derogatory statement and making it an empowering one. It’s a statement that women should be women and not be afraid to be who they are no matter what they’re doing. So if they’re driving a car… drive hard, drive fast, drive smart, drive like a woman.” – Michele Shapiro, Founder of Drive Like a Woman

Drivelikeawoman.com, launched in January 2009, is the first global lifestyle site dedicated to women and cars. Content will include news from across the globe, such as: an interview with a woman in Nigeria who has started a school for female mechanics, dispatches from a woman in Saudi Arabia advocating for lifting the driving ban for women, and a story about pink taxis in Turkey driven by women for female passengers. The site will contain exclusive interviews with women in the auto industry—from executives to designers to drivers—and women who are passionate about cars—from celebrities to non-professionals who have made cars an integral part of their lives. In addition, there will be a section on “Car Couture” showcasing everything from custom-made designer helmets to the perfect Balenciaga motorcycle jacket to limited edition Hermès driving gloves. There will also be daily postings of links to stories about women and cars culled from news sources around the world. Drivelikeawoman.com is part inspiration, part innovation and full of adrenaline.

Drive Like a Woman is the brainchild of Michele Shapiro. Michele has always wanted to race cars but it was only in 2004 that she changed the direction of her life and finally made the leap—and she has never looked back. She has competed in rallies over thousands of miles on four continents. Michele has written about cars for some of the nation’s top magazines including Forbes, Glamour and Marie Claire.