January 18th, 2010

What is a Chick Car?

Is this a chick car?

What is a chick car you ask? Well had quite a few interesting definitions. Apparently chick cars are “most often white.” White is the new black. Chick cars include “any hybrid such as the Prius.” At least chicks are environmentally correct. They also “always have automatic transmissions.” How utterly dreadful.

Oh, it’s all so cliche. Although there’s nothing wrong with a white, automatic Prius it seems as if the definition could use a little updating. How about the Lotus Elise or Exige? Not to mention, the Evora—cannot wait to get this on the road for a test drive! They are small, fantastic on road and track and have lots of power. I defy a 6 foot tall man to get in and out of that car with ease. How about the Tesla? Also small, it’s an environmentally correct vehicle with the heart (and engine) of a sports car.

As for color, although gray is actually the new black, black is always in fashion. So what is the new chick car? As you know it is a staple to haveĀ  a LBD in your closet. Well the new staple is to have in your garage an LBC—little black car.


1 Comment by Jesse on
Mar 01 at 06:56 AM

I’ve got to go with the convertible option on this ... though I’m not sure how good a TR6 would look in white. Still, in the plus column, it doesn’t have a bud vase!

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