March 18th, 2010

Do You Have a Car-Loving Kid?

The exterior of Ferrari World

Matchbox cars are so yesterday! If you’re a good parent and you really love your car-obsessed kid you’ll get her or him this replica Ferrari F40. It’s only $25,000.

The car was built in Germany (by the company that makes Ferrari’s F1 wind tunnels) and was made for the opening of a dealership in Moscow and now somehow it’s ended up in Long Island—go figure. It’s got a 80 cc Honda motor in it, perfect for your little princess or prince to get their F1 career started.

But wait, we’re not done. Once this gift arrives (don’t forget the big red bow!), you present your child with tickets to Abu Dhabi. Why you ask? Well, because we know your kid isn’t the type to be impressed by photos with Mickey Mouse at Disney World—oh no. Your kid wants to be the first to ride the Ferrari F1 roller coaster at Ferrari World. Supposedly it will be the fastest coaster in the world at 149 mph. It’s opening in the second half of 2010, so call your travel agent immediately!

Don’t worry, you and your kid can thank us later. Happy birthday and have fun!

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