May 04th, 2011

Celebrity Cars: What does Katy Perry Drive?

Katy and her husband Russell Brand in her Audi A5

We admit it, we love Katy Perry. We like her fun pop songs (yup, sometimes we sing along in the car), her fashion style (um, who doesn’t love a bra with fireworks?!), and the fact that she just seems like a cool chick we’d like to go on a road trip with.

But the real test of whether she is a Drive Like A Woman kind of woman is what car does she like to drive? Her car of choice is the Audi A5.

We think it’s a fantastic choice! Not too flashy but plenty of fun to be had in this car. We also appreciate the fact that she doesn’t like to be chauffeured. Perry, like us, is a woman who likes to be in the drivers seat!


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